ADM00310 - 

Evaluationsboard, A/D-Wandler (ADC), für 16-Bit-MCUs

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Eval Board MCP3903
MCP3903, PIC24F, PIC24H, dsPIC33, MCP2200
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The ADM00310 is a MCP3903 six channel ADC evaluation board for 16bit MCUs system. It also provides a development platform for 16bit PIC MCU based applications, using existing 100 pin PIM systems, compatible with the explorer 16 and other high pincount PIC demo boards. The system comes with programmed PIC24FJ128GA010 PIM modules that communicate with the LabView GUI for data exchange and ADC setup. The board contains a USB connection for connecting the evaluation board to a PC. On the board, there is an MCP2200 USB to UART converter that creates a virtual COM port on the PC. The MCP3903 ADC evaluation board for 16bit MCUs also features a RS232 connector just in case it is required. The RS232 line driver is connected to the same UART pins of the MCU. For this reason, a 3 pin jumper is present on the evaluation board to select which serial communication will be used.
  • Simultaneous 4ksps at 90dB SINAD and top speed 65ksps performance on MCP3903
  • Separate power supplies and power planes four layer board
  • PICtail Plus connectors for explorer 16 daughter board compatibility
  • Robust hardware design with analog grounding and analog/digital separation
  • System and ADC performance analysis through graphical PC tools
  • MCP390x DataVIEW PC software interface for communicating and controlling the MCP3903


Verbrauchsmessung, Power-Management, Tragbare Geräte, Medizinelektronik


MCP3903 ADC Evaluation Board for 16bit MCU, PIC24FJ128GA010 PIM, dsPIC33FJ256GP710A PIM, USB cable, 9V power adaptor.

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